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Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector

To most, including most electricians, a smoke detector is a smoke detector. This is not the case. There are different avenues of detecting fire or smoke. At a minimum, here should a cooperative mixture of the various types of detectors in order to best protect your property and your family. See more about smoke detectors on our site.


Surge protectors

There is a common misnomer that a surge protector for the whole house will do the job sufficiently, in all actuality there should be a minimum of 2 phases of protection, with the availability of a third which is recommended for the best protection. See more on our surge protection page.


Panel upgrades and replacements

There is a formula to determine the amount of spaces allotted for breaker protection in each panel. This recommendation by the manufacturer is often ignored and could lead to significant failure if not fire when not corrected by an educated electrician. See more panels and services on our panel page.


Panel Mapping

How many times have you had the need to turn off an electrical component in the panel only to find you have no idea what breaker feeds what lights? We can comprehensively map your panel and label each outlet corresponding to the breaker to turn it off. A faulty lamp starts to smoke; wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly which breaker to turn off to reduce the risk of fire?


Landscape lighting and design

The hard work to beautify your exterior with a superb landscape and is immensely enjoyed…during the day! We can design and install a custom landscape lighting package that is budget friendly so you can enjoy your landscape day or night!


Light fixture installation

Light fixtures are ever evolving, requiring knowledge in mechanical applications to install the light so it doesn’t fall off the ceiling or wall, leaving it hanging by the wires. We can professionally install your light fixture.


Trouble shooting and Repair

Electricity can be tricky to work with as it cannot be seen, smelled or touched. We only are able to apply our senses from the effects of electricity. With the practical knowledge of electricity combined with the electrical theory applications of electricity, this allows us to find the problem and solve the problem, professionally. Current industry standards allow for 15 amp receptacle to be “back-stabbed” as an electrical connection. The point of contact is a thin metal strip. The best practice is to wrap the wire around the screw and then tighten the screw to appropriate torque. Many back-stabbed plugs are the culprit for lost connections or flickering lights. Loose connections cause excessive heat and could lead to promote fire if left unattended.


Ceiling Fan installation

Feel the comfort of your new fan and have peace of mind that your fan has been installed with the correct supportive box by a professional electrician.


Christmas lights

How nice would it be to flip a switch and your exterior Christmas lights come on, without one extension cord? We offer installation of GFCI protected receptacle in the soffit, fed by a switch in the house. No more outside unreliable timers or going out to turn the lights off by unplugging an extension cord.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

GFCI - Is your GFCI tripping? Outlets are dead? There is either a problem in the circuit and the GFI is doing its job or the GFI has been worn due to power surges and needs replaced. We can diagnose the problem and fix it.


Exterior lighting

Protect your home at night with motion sensor lights. We can install a switch override for your comfort so you have control of turning the light on for use, we can professionally install the switch by your bed so if you hear something outside you can flip the light on without moving from your comfortable slumber!


We also offer special installations such as wiring of a hot tub, new circuits, fix breakers tripping, dimmer installations, fan controls, generators, sub-panels and, much more. Just ask us if we can handle your project.


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at our company online! We truly do enjoy having you, and we hope that we can help you with all of your electrical needs.

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